In 2023 FyneFest showcased over thirty different ciders from producers all around the UK – from ultra-fruity juicy blends to crisp and dry-naturally fermented ciders, there’s a huge range on offer.

You can find the cider bar at the end of the Main Bar and we’ll have a full list of ciders  displayed on the adjacent blackboards.

Check out what we poured at the FyneFest 2023.


At the opposite end of the Main Bar is a a good-old spirits and wine bar, perfect for a change of pace if you’re craving a simple mixed drink or a glass of Sauvignon. It’s not a massive selection, but plenty to quench a thirst.

It also stocks cans of alcohol-free beers, for those looking to take it easy and pre-mix cocktails, for those who, erm, aren’t.

This is a card only bar.


This year we’re swapping out our little cocktail bar and bringing in the fun folk from The Little Margarita Truck!  The beautiful and bijou truck is fully equipped with a delicious selection cocktails. 

If you’re looking for a quick fix, we have a selection of premix canned cocktails available from the Wine & Spirits bar in the Main Marquee! 

This is a card only bar.