This year’s Brewers Lounge tent will feature three special bars serving special beers – two international guest breweries bringing the best of North America and Italy, and one bar dedicated to the best of UK mixed fermentation brewing.

Each bar has four taps and its own blackboards to show you what’s pouring – but if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, please please ask a member of staff who’ll be happy to tell you about the beers.

With most of beers being poured in the lounge being imported, showcasing expensive ingredients or barrel-aged, the beers in the lounge are likely to be a bit pricier than those on the main bar. Trust us when we say, though, that they’ll be worth it!

Origins Brewing & Friends

New on the main field, a bar celebrating all things wild and funky. Alongside beers from our own Fyne Ales Origins Brewing mixed fermentation project, we’re showcasing some of the UK’s best funky, sour and barrel-aged beers – looking for something a bit more complex and interesting? This is the best place for you.

Download the Origins Brewing & Friends beer list 2019 as PDF (0.5mb)

Shelton Bros X Teresa’s Next Door

We’re pouring some incredible, rare and exciting North American beer at FyneFest! Curated by our US importer (and organiser of one of the world’s best beer festivals), Shelton Bros, and Pennsylvania’s Teresa’s Next Door Bar, these beers are very limited – some have never been poured in the UK before and might never be again. Boom.

Download the Shelton Bros X Teresa’s beer list 2019 (0.6mb)

Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa

We couldn’t have a #TenYearsOfFun party without them – Rome’s champions of Italian craft beer and all-round legends, Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa (loosely ‘What The Hell Are You Doing Here”) join us once again with an exciting and diverse list of the best of Italian beer – you’ll nae find Peroni here, only awesome stouts, IPAs, saisons and more…

Download the Ma Che beer list 2019 as PDF (0.4mb)