Below you’ll find the beers pouring on the Main Bar at FyneFest 2024 – 64 taps, 30 different breweries (excluding collaborators), 170+ beers, every single drop chosen by us to showcase the best of UK brewing.

The amount of choice on offer might be a bit daunting, so before you dive into the full list, read the info below.


Most of the Main Bar beers at FyneFest will only be available for a short time (until they run out) – the beers currently pouring on the 64 Taps are displayed on blackboards above the bar and change regularly as a keg or cask kicks and something different comes on in its place.

The bar is split into two halves for cask beers (naturally carbonated, cellar tempature) and keg beers (forced carbonated, served through chillers), and each half is further sectioned into different beer styles e.g all the fruity keg beers are grouped together, all the hoppy cask beers are together further down the bar etc. Each beer style has a colour, learning which colour = which style and where they’re pouring on the bar will help you find your perfect beer for you every time!

The diagram below shows where to find each style of beer and the numbered blackboards above the bar are also colour-coded to help steer you in the right direction.

Finally, each blackboard features a number indicating which tap the beer is pouring on – if you’re looking for super-efficient service, order from the bar team by telling them which number (not which beer) you’re looking for. The layout of the beer boards are below – as well as style and tap number, you’ll also find brewery name, beer name, ABV, format, vegan and gluten status and the token price/pour size.

Beer Board Guide



 A4 Landscape PDF