Fyne Ales is please to welcome Pellicle Magazine (Facebook/Twitter) as hosts of its FyneFest 2019 Meet-The-Brewer Panel Talks.

Founded by writer Matthew Curtis and brewer Jonathan Hamilton, Pellicle is a brand new magazine exploring beer, wine, cider, food and travel and the joy we find within these cultures. Online now, podcast soon, print later.

Each panel has been designed by the Pellicle team to give FyneFest attendees the chance to meet representatives from the breweries pouring at the festival, hear their stories and engage with them on a range of interesting subjects relevant to the modern beer industry.

Panels are free to attend, with exclusive beers available to enjoy during each panel. To ensure your seat, please book via the tickets page of the FyneFest website.

At a glance (click title for further info):

Friday 31st May

4.00pm –Building the Farm: A Welcome from Fyne Ales’ Jamie Delap

Join host Matthew Curtis and Fyne Ales managing director Jamie Delap as they discuss the past, present and future of Fyne Ales. From the evolving Origins series to the huge success of Jarl, Fynefest itself and everything in between, this session will kick off with a welcome keynote from Jamie before settling into an interview followed by a short audience Q&A.

Ft. Jamie Delap – Fyne Ales

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5.30pm — The Cask Lowdown: Debating Cask’s Turbulent Existence

Cask beer is in recession; Cask beer is experiencing a resurgence. These are two trains of thought where—depending on who you talk to—both have validity in one of beers most heated debates. According to the Cask Report, cask sales are falling rapidly. Meanwhile, many small, young breweries are returning to the format, which itself is dividing opinion. Is this a cynical cash grab or a sign that young brewers are finding new respect for the dispense method that defines British beer culture?

Ft: Doreen Joy Barber – Cloudwater // Stuart Ross – Magic Rock // Laura Rangely – Abbeydale

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Saturday 1 June

12.30pm — Independent’s Day: The Value of Independence in the Modern Beer Market

As small independent breweries continue to sell up to large multinationals, the virtue of Independence has seldom been more important to much of the British beer industry. But should independence be used as a seal of quality and what value does this actually have to most consumers, especially those outside of the beer bubble?

Ft: Kevin Brooks – Shelton Bros // Eddie Lofthouse – Harbour // Matt Clarke – Hawkshead

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3.30pm — Crafting a Legacy: The Importance of Brand Building and Core Beers

While the endless merry-go-round of seasonal releases and one off specials certainly fuels both excitement and hyperbole amidst consumers, are they obstructing brewers from adding true value to their brands? In this session we’ll explore the concept of building a lasting legacy, and what value this has to modern breweries.

Ft: Iain Smith – Fyne Ales // Andrew Mathews – Vibrant Forest // Tina Breslin – Wander Beyond


2pm — Hybrid Theory: How Cider & Wine Hybrids are Expanding Beer’s Repertoire

Alongside the explosion in popularity of craft beer, we’re now also seeing a resurgence from low-intervention cider, while the natural wine boom continues apace. Some brewers are taking things one step further, by fermenting beers with grape must, or cider lees, often with devastatingly delicious results. But, while these drink cultures currently exist in largely separate spaces, could beer and cider/wine hybrids bring them closer together, for the benefit of all?

Ft: Jonny Hamilton – Pellicle/Beavertown // Jonny Mills – Mills // Derek Bates – Duration

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5pm — Dropping Acid: How Can Sour Beers Operate in the Mainstream?

The popularity of sour beers has boomed in recent years, with everything from tart and refreshing kettle sours, through to aged and blended mixed or spontaneously fermented beers all seeing the benefit. But as this category grows, and more emerging brewers invest in these styles, how will it find popularity beyond simply its early adopters?

Ft: Andrea Ladas – Fyne Ales  // Andrew Gibson – BrewDog Overworks // TBC – Vault City