Four-legged friends are welcome at FyneFest, with a few conditions, including registering your dog before the event.

Before you do, we ask all owners to carefully consider whether bringing their dog to FyneFest is in the best interest of the dog. As much as we try to make our annual festival a friendly, relaxed experience and want to welcome as many canine pals as possible, we know that it might not be a suitable environment for all dogs. FyneFest brings together 3,000 people of all ages, in a relatively small area, where alcohol will be consumed and loud music will be played – so please, please think carefully about whether your dog will be comfortable in a busy, loud and potentially charged environment and remember the experience at a dog’s eye-level may be quite different to your own before deciding to register your dog.

We do our best to give dogs as much freedom as possible while on site, including having their own park to run around and socialise off-lead, but at the end of the day, each owner is responsible for their own dog.

If you’re set on bringing your dog along to FyneFest, please read the policy and rules for dogs on site below. Registration for 2024 will open when tickets go on sale.



– Be registered in advance of the event via
– Be kept on a lead in all areas of the festival site excluding the Dog Park.
– Be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
– Wear their registration ID tag (issued on arrival) visibly at all times.
– Not be allowed to drink directly from drinking water points.
– Not be allowed to enter the Main Marquee area at any time.
– Not be left unattended in vehicles during periods of good weather.


– On arrival, sign a printed copy of this policy to confirm that they have read and understood the terms of the Dog Owners’ Policy.
– Be responsible for the welfare of their dog at all times, ensuring they are adequately provided for throughout the festival.
– Take responsibility for any damage to festival, brewery or farm assets caused by their dog.
– Ensure they are able to provide all necessary supplies for their dog inc. food, poop bags etc.
– Clean up after their dog and ensure any mess is picked up and disposed of responsibly.
– Ensure that their dog is well-behaved and does not engage in aggressive or antisocial behaviour towards people or other dogs during the festival.