The first FyneFest took place in 2010, with around 300 people joining the Fyne Ales team in the Brewery Tap courtyard for a wee party to kick-off the Summer.

We wanted it to be a relaxed, family-friendly way to bring people together, our way of reaching out to our community to join us for some good beers, good food, good music and good times, with a handful of guest beers bought-in from friends in the industry. Sunshine and good vibes for all.

It was a fairly modest celebration, but Glen Fyne worked its magic – everyone left with a smile and a question – when’s the next one?

Over the following years, FyneFest evolved and grew, expanding to three days and into the fields of of the glen, welcoming more people, offering more diverse beers, showcasing more live music and sharing more outstanding food. But at its core, the spirit of FyneFest never changed.

It’s still organised by the Fyne Ales team as our way of bringing people together, and giving them an unforgettable experience, a chance to escape for a few days in the beautiful surroundings of Glen Fyne and take in everything the West Coast of Scotland has to offer.

Each year, the Fyne Ales team works hard to improve on the previous year’s festival – it’s part of the reason why we see the same smiling faces year-after-year – which is why we can confidently say that the next FyneFest will be our best ever!

If the idea of joining us for a chilled-out weekend with hundreds of beers, 40 live bands and an incredible array of the finest street-food vendors we can assemble sounds good to you – the invitation to join us for #FyneFest24 is open to anyone.

So bring your family, your friends, your neighbours, your dogs and anyone else you think needs a break from the real world for a few days, and we’ll see you in Glen Fyne.